A poem by Julia Lee


Like a crazy song
hoarding pictures of clouds
cumulus and Chopin
tawny shoulders, shadow clan
cross legged and crying at the thought of no wings
mardigras beads, dead cherry blossoms, and all of these things
It’s Hotel coffee and Santana
I promise you; don’t dismiss me for being a wise old grandmother owl
don’t dismiss me for being a silly young girl weasel
childish daydreams, yellow and blue dresses, and bare feet
clinging to a deck with metal railing and a wisp of sky mist
The windows on a plane are never big enough
and I’d like just a single shattered one to lean out of
theater of unpleasant fate, velvet seats, smiling jail bait
adversities armor carried a nice weight
similar to the ribs of kittens; boring woolen mittens
I watch myself unnerve you but it’s rarely what I want
what makes me feel sharp is really being blunt
fire-weed, and how all of the best things in life seem to require shackles-
and I submit with little a care
but I’m just a speck in the wind and I love how it stirs my hair
Who loves shadow people, who swings her hips in private, dances awful ballet
wearing the tips of my hair just slightly frayed-
curling corners of pages
sitting in bible letter jealousy
savoring frugality-
If I could be played like a record would come out
prick my finger on its needle and get spun round and round
like a beautiful top
clad in reaching flying hair and centrifugally puffed skirt
holding strong arms – fingers – wrists that command the wind the sin birthed
what a song would come out of me
what a song I’d spin yell into the sky
like all these lovely jumbled mumblings
all the faith like long stained glass child’s notes
the fire lighted water hope
whose clear vibrations run down your throat
the sadness and fear in one, neck stretching warrior birds cry to the sky
and your heart pulled like yoga with all the passion and yearning of a violin’s glide
Ten thousand ways to say I love you
I’d always hoped to gain
and peace I’d let just hang hang hang-
As the cracks and pops
the sparks and glints faded
and my slowing spin abated
I’d hope this is the song
that would come of a vinyl me
collection of this fare cacophony of things

Julia is a student at Roaring Fork High School in Carbondale, CO and a founding member of FirstWord, an after-school slam poetry team that is busy creating dynamic pieces like her poem, Song. Read a Q+A with Julia here.

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