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Announcing a Graphic Novel Workshop for Young Writers

July 27 – August 1, Aspen Words is proud to welcome artist Tim Fielder to the Roaring Fork Valley to teach an intensive Summer Graphic Novel Workshop for young writers ages 14 – 18.

As we look forward to this unique class designed to delve into a genre that is sweeping the literary world, our Education Associate, Renee Prince, will be sharing her thoughts on a few of her favorite graphic novels, starting with:

Stories by Emily Carroll

Margaret K. McElderry Books
Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division

Emily Carroll opens Through the Woods, her bone-chilling collection of graphic stories, with these words (accompanied by stunning illustrations you’ll need to see for yourself): “When I was little I used to read before I slept at night. And I read by the light of a lamp clipped to my headboard. Stark white, and bright, I dreaded turning it off. What if I reached out…just past the edge of the bed and something,¬†waiting there, grabbed me and pulled me down, into the dark.” This book is that something. I can feel its lovely, severed hands as I type, pulling me down into the abyss that is Carroll’s vivid, wonderfully spooky imagination. This book has intriguing, unexpected frights hiding behind every page, but beware: Carroll’s unique voice is utterly memorable, and these scintillating stories will burrow deep into your psyche.

Check it out at one of the following RFV libraries:
Aspen: YA-G C3195th
Basalt: YGN CAR

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