Anticipating AW’s Graphic Novel Workshop

As we eagerly prepare for our Summer Graphic Novel Workshop, we invited Basalt Regional Library’s Teen Librarian, Erin Hollingsworth, to share one of her favorite graphic novels, Ms. Marvel: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona:

Kamala Khan just wants to be normal. She’s tired of feeling like a weirdo around the other kids at her high school because of her Pakistani heritage, her strict Muslim parents, and her classes at the mosque. But after sneaking out one night to attend a party, Kamala gets caught in a mysterious fog– and the Avengers suddenly appear before her. They grant Kamala’s wish to be like Ms. Marvel, right down to the blonde hair and skimpy costume. But, even with shape-shifting powers like Ms. Marvel’s, something doesn’t feel right to Kamala. Not to mention she is in major trouble with her parents and friends. Should she abandon her Pakistani features and values to fit the idea of the traditional superhero? Or is being her true self enough?

Kamala is a likeable and relatable character, struggling with the same issues with which we all sometimes struggle: identity, parents’ expectations, pressures from peers and society to be or look a certain way, (okay, maybe not the shape-shifting thing, though). Her transformation from a timid, self-conscious student to a strong, butt-kicking superhero is a joy to follow, and the artwork is super stylish and fun. Be sure to check this one out for a nice dose of girl power and a new take on the Marvel superhero.

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