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Desert Island Book Series: Suzanne Bober

If you were shipwrecked on a desert island, what books would you like to be stranded with?

We’re playing the “desert island” game with book lovers in the AW community, starting with AW Board Secretary Suzanne Bober.  Here are the six titles on her short list.


Just Kids

by Patti Smith


Light Years

by Jim Salter

Unaccustomed earth

Unaccustomed Earth

by Jhumpa Lahiri



by Geraldine Brooks


Anna Karenina

by Leo Tolstoy

angle of repose

Angle of Repose

by Wallace Stegner



Bober_SuzanneIn her past life in New York City, Suzanne Bober worked as a magazine and book editor and is the co-author of a series of art books for very young children. Eight years ago, Suzanne relocated to Aspen with her husband and three sons.  An Aspen Words board member for the past five years, she is a member of the Executive Committee and serves as Secretary and Chair of the Nominating Committee.  Suzanne also serves on the board of the Aspen Education Foundation, for which she serves on the Executive Committee.
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