Personal Essay by Creative Director Adrienne Brodeur in the New York Times

Literal Balance, Life Balance by Adrienne Brodeur

A personal essay by AW creative director Adrienne Brodeur was published in the New York Times’ Private Lives Opinionator section on September 17, 2015. In it, she writes with grace, humor, and perspective on the medical challenge that led her to find more balance, both literally and metaphorically. 

“Like many people whose lives are a juggling act — my balls include young children, elderly parents and a busy job directing a literary organization — I’ve spent my fair share of time contemplating work and life balance, that elusive spot where supposedly, if you can stay present and embrace the “off” switch, you will find calm amid the chaos of competing demands. No easy feat in today’s cult of productivity. Like most working mothers, I’ve had limited success in the life balance arena, careening instead from joy to overwhelmed and back again.

But no matter now. My focus on life balance has taken a back seat to my obsession with real balance: What keeps us standing? What goes wrong when we fall? And why do so few people seem to understand how it works? About six months ago, I began logging my stumbles and near tumbles and found patterns…” Read the full article.

Artwork by Vivienne Flesher.


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