Poetic Justice: Haley Ameral



by Haley Ameral


We are kids on a school yard sharing all of our secrets

and midday witticisms on

how long it’s gonna take us to fly

and maybe if we never do

How long is it gonna take us to dig to china with plastic spoons.


In light up shoes running up slides, coming to terms with the alphabet

and how to navigate the universe.

As a person as a friend I want you to slaughter:

Two doves a lamb

A first born son

In the tabernacle by the sea


I want you to master carpentry

Empathy maybe if I’m lucky

I want watered down wine

and Gabrielle to emerge


Just to let me know

I’m expected to be somewhere

On a saturday


To give birth to an elephant

That’s gonna sit in the middle of a room.


I want someone to tell me to kick rocks until I find god.


We are loaded guns with reasons to lie about the legitimacy of our intimacy


and dislodge a Chinese finger trap


It’s funny that the aftermath is us picking our scabs

shedding our skin


and moving to different gardens to trick people in.



POETIC JUSTICE is a compilation of poems by FirstWord.

FirstWord meets every Monday at 4pm at Steve’s Guitars in Carbondale, CO.

It is free to participate and open to all Roaring Fork Valley students 21 and under.

Writers of all experience levels are welcome to join.

Questions? Contact Aspen Words.

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