literature_from_the_axis_of_evil_pbReaders will discuss selections from Iraq, Syria, and Iran as originally presented in the Literature from the ‘Axis of Evil’  issues of Words without Borders, the award-winning online magazine for literature in translation.   Conversation will range to broach issues of literary production and publication in other countries, differences between journalism and literature in exploring other parts of the world, and issues around literary translation generally.

Led by Alane Salierno Mason, vice president and senior editor at W.W. Norton and president/founder of Words Without Borders. MORE INFO.



“How to Read a Translation” by Lawrence Venuti


“Black Iraqi Woman” by Faleeha Hassan

“Waltzing Matilda” by Najem Wali

“Merrymaking” by Luay Hamaz Abbas

“The Mulberry Tree” by Salima Saleh

“The Body” by Salima Saleh

The Corpse Exhibition, “The Green Zone Rabbit” by Hassan Blasim

“A Portal in Space” by Mahmoud Saeed

“Chicago: Present Day Paradise, Future Magic” by Mahmoud Saeed


“Bag of the Nation” by Osama Alomar

“The Liberated Voice: Three Writers from Syria” by Alice Guthrie

“Falling Down Politely, or How to Use Up All Six Bullets Instead of Playing Russian Roulette” by Rasha Abbas

“A Bedtime Story for Eid” by Zaher Omareen

“I Am a Refugee” by Mohamed Raouf Bachir

“The City and the Writer: In Homs with Marwa Al-Sabouni” by Nathalie Handal


“Escape” by Behnaz Alipour Gaskari

“Green Sour Orange” by Neda Kavoosifar

“Forty-Eight Steps” by Paxima Mojavezi

“The Poet, His Cut-Off Head in His Hand, Went Singing Songs and Ghazals: Literature in Iran” by Shahriar Mandanipour

“Mummy and Honey” by Shahriar Mandanipour

“The City and the Writer: In Tehran with Mohsen Emadi” by Nathalie Handal

“A Little Less Conversation” by Tirdad Zolghadr

“Encounter” by Goli Taraghi

“The Pomegranate Lady and Her Sons” by Goli Taraghi