Please read these instructions carefully and ensure that you have all of the requested materials prepared before completing the form included in your acceptance email.


Review the visiting agent and editor bios here. The form will ask you for your top 4 choices for the meetings. We will do our best to place you with at least one of your top choices; however, it is a lottery process. On the form, you will be asked to upload two manuscripts for the professional consultations – one per meeting.* You can submit two different excerpts from the same piece, or two entirely separate pieces. If you would like to consult about the same manuscript for both meetings, just upload one manuscript. Each manuscript should be a maximum of 10 pages, double-spaced, 12pt font, 1.25 inch margins (formatting requirements do not apply for poetry). If it is an excerpt from a longer work, include a synopsis on the first page (synopsis should be included in the total page count). Put your name on the first page and number the pages.  We will share your manuscripts with the agents/editors with whom you will meet in advance of Summer Words.

*This does not have to be the same manuscript that you submitted with your application. It can also be different than the manuscript that you workshop.

Workshop Manuscript
This is the manuscript that will be shared with your instructor and fellow workshop participants for review and critique at Summer Words.This does not have to be the same manuscript that you submitted with your application, and it can be different from your consultation manuscript. We will distribute the workshop manuscripts to each class via email before the end of May. Carefully review the Course Requirements that were sent with your acceptance email. They include specific instructions from the faculty regarding the formatting and page number for your manuscript.

*Book Editing participants will have until May 3rd to submit their entire manuscripts via email to Marie Chan

Tuition Includes:
Faculty instruction
A pass to all of the public panels throughout the week
Lunches Monday through Friday
Access to discounted lodging rates at our conference site, The Gant
Two professional consultations with agents and editors for Juried Workshop participants only
Opening and closing night receptions
Social activities such as hikes, open mics, and informal gatherings

If you need assistance with the online form, contact Marie Chan at 970.925.3122 ext 5#.