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“Winter, spring, summer, and fall I find myself teaching in writers’ gatherings around the country and in Europe. Most are quite wonderful in many ways, but there is only one I can think of that sparks a shimmering alchemy of the following gifts: talented and hard-working participants, a rigorous but nurturing faculty, an inspired, graceful, and easy-going staff, and all of it unfolding under the stars over lovely Aspen. Summer Words is a gem!”
Andre Dubus III, author of Townie and House of Sand and Fog

“Aspen Summer Words is beautifully run, stimulating, productive and fun.  I enjoyed every minute of it, met a wonderful client there, and came back to New York with fresh energy and a deeper connection to some of my colleagues in the business.” –Tina Bennett, WME

“The Aspen Writers Conference is an outstanding program run by warm, hard working professionals dedicated to making the experience wonderful for writers and staff alike. The setting, the people, the productive exchange of ideas and inspiration make a truly invaluable and long-lasting impression.” –Susan Golomb, Writers House

“Something magical happens in Aspen every June. Writers descend on the town and share their words with each other for a week amid the majestic Rocky Mountains, then leave transformed.” –Ann Hood (2015 & 2016 Faculty), author of The Obituary Writer

“Aspen words is a lovely dream. Great students, impressive faculty (I felt honored to be a part), kind and helpful administrators — set amid the perfect landscape. When you’re there, it feels like maybe the best place to be a practicing writer — the best place to be, period.” –Darin Strauss (2016 Faculty), author of Half a Life

“Set among the beautiful mountains of Colorado, Aspen Words is the perfect opportunity for serious, constructive writerly discussion with talented and friendly colleagues and helpful pros. I loved the community of our workshop and the motivating experience of wonderful people helping each other.” –George Hodgman (2016 Faculty), author of Bettyville

“Aspen Summer Words is a stellar conference, mixing genuine artistic rigor (workshops and panels) with physical beauty and gracious hosting. At all levels an impressive and meaningful experience.” –Antonya Nelson (2016 Faculty), author of Funny Once

“Attending Aspen Words was such an inspiring and invigorating experience.  It’s the perfect blend of tremendous talent, gorgeous locale and a conference that runs like a well-oiled machine.” –Peter Steinberg (2016), Foundry Literary + Media

“Aspen Summer Words is the best-run conference I’ve ever attended, with a truly lovely staff in an utterly stunning landscape.”–Anna Stein (2016), ICM Partners

“Aspen Words is what every literary conference should be, and what so few actually are: a gathering of writers and industry colleagues that has been curated with profound grace and insight…Even years later, whenever I see a submission mention the author’s time at Aspen, I immediately give it my full attention because the Aspen Words stamp of approval is so meaningful to me.” –Lucy Carson (2014), The Friedrich Agency

Workshop Participants

“life-altering…warm and supportive” – Esther Amini (2016 Emerging Writer Fellow)

“The conference was astounding: so professionally run and managed and high-quality. I met so many wonderful fellow writers and staff members, and felt supported in my work like never before…I came away from Aspen Words with new perspectives and skills, but also with new friendships and a fuller heart, and have been newly invigorated to write since I left.” – Sarah Eisner (2016 Emerging Writer Fellow)

“This was an experience that really reminded me that my work matters and that I’m not alone.” – A.L. Major (2016 Emerging Writer Fellow)

“I was looking for a place where my voice was welcomed. I found it at Aspen Words..I have returned to New York with great energy, lots of mentors, many new friends and with an appreciation for my fiction voice.” –John Garcia (2016 Ricardo Salinas Scholar)

“I have participated in many national literary conferences and can say without hesitation that Aspen Words is hands down the best there is: excellence without exclusivity, rigorous and generous both, Aspen Words is what every literary gathering should be: truly inspiring, truly elevating.” – EJ Levy (2015 Emerging Writer Fellow)

“My innerds have been rearranged and shuffled around in such a profound way. That’s the only way I can describe the experience that Aspen Words has had on me – a tectonic shift of the soul.” –Marcia Butler (2015 Workshop participant)

“Superb. This is the best conference of its kind in the country, distinguished by its blend of excellence and generosity. Faculty are top flight; staff are supernaturally gracious, making each participant feel known and welcome. Students are drop-dead serious, often accomplished writers, but also very supportive of one another.” –2015 Workshop participant

“It is such a wonderful feeling, in the midst of the isolated writing life, to discover one’s tribe. I found such a tribe at Aspen Words, and left humbled and joyous to have shared such good company. What an immeasurable gift…My writing craft was honed and deepened, but also my writing practice, and my life.” – Anna Noyes (2015 Emerging Writer Fellow)

“I have been to many conferences over the years, and never have I been to one that was so welcoming and inclusive. Often there is a distinct divide between participants and the ‘real’ authors, and I did not feel that at Aspen at all.” – Marian P. (2014 Emerging Writer Fellow)

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