Instructor: Deborah Wiles

2015-Deborah-Wiles.-Photo-Credit-Sonya-Sones-300x200 copyDeborah Wiles is the author of picture books and novels for young readers including Each Little Bird That Sings, a National Book Award Finalist, and Countdown, book one of The Sixties Trilogy. Book two, Revolution, was published in 2014 and was also a finalist for the National Book Award. Deborah teaches teachers and young writers around the country, and writes from Atlanta, Georgia

Course Description 

“Everything is a Remix,” as my DJ son loves to say. And it’s true. Every story you write comes from what you know, what you feel, and what you can imagine. Ultimately, you take your life—your moments, the memories you have of them, and the meaning you make of them—and turn them into stories. Whatever the genre, you bring your own lens, sensibilities, and prejudices to the work at hand. In this workshop we’ll examine how we use our lives to fashion story. We’ll also use select texts as we learn to read like writers—”how does she/he do that?” We’ll create a writing community that is safe and honest, and we’ll work together on whatever you bring to the table. Workshop is always rigorous and exciting. And a little magical as well.