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In Collaboration with the Catto Shaw Foundation

The Aspen Words Writer in Residence program offers writers an opportunity to spend one month in Woody Creek, CO to focus on current writing projects. The residency provides a space for authors to nourish their craft, giving them time to write, meet Aspen Words members, and convene with other authors. A monthly reading and talk event will be held for each resident author, among other special appearances by the writer to valley schools and private Aspen Words member functions.

Nomination Process


Writers are selected based on artistic excellence, availability and fit within the program. Prospective writers must be nominated by editors, agents or other professionals familiar with the applicant’s work. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis by a panel chosen by the Aspen Words executive director and managing director. Applications from writers working in any genre and of all perspectives and demographics are encouraged.

Applications/recommendations should include the following:

  1. A letter of recommendation
  2. Publication history (including reviews, endorsements, awards, etc.)
  3. Brief description of what the applicant plans to work on during his/her residency
  4. Work sample (10-20 pages)
  5. Links to websites, etc.

Responsibilities of Residents

Writers in Residence are expected to comply with the Aspen Words and Catto Shaw Foundation policies and procedures, which are designed to maximize the experience for all participants, staff, and supporters. Aspen Words and the Catto Shaw Foundation provide lodging in a home on acres of open space in Woody Creek, CO for one month at no cost. In exchange, writers must participate in one Aspen Words sponsored public event, one Aspen Words member dinner, and speak at a Roaring Fork Valley high school. Writers are responsible for the cost of travel to and from the residency, as well as transportation while staying at the Woody Creek home, which is in a remote location several miles from a grocery store and other amenities.

In addition to the Catto Shaw Foundation, thank you to the following sponsors:

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