“This project [Poets in the Schools] has been an ongoing inspiration to the students at Yampah [Mountain High School]. The excitement has generated a dedicated slam poetry class that runs all year with great attendance. Having the poets come to town adds an element of excitement and continues to generate a great deal of interest among the new students.” 
– Kether Axelrod, Yampah Mounatin High School teacher

“Even though we didn’t really know anyone else in the room, it was a comfortable enough environment to want to share what I wrote. I put a lot of emotion into my poem, and even though I never thought I would share it, I ended up feeling a lot better after I did. There was a lot of encouragement.”
– Yaqui Arreola, Glenwood Springs High School student

“Myrlin [Hepworth] was good at getting us to open up about deep things because he opened up to us first.  Because he showed courage, he inspired us to be brave.”
– Coral, Roaring Fork High School student

“THANK YOU for bringing Bruce Machart to our school — he was incredible.  The kids loved him!  And I love his writing and can’t wait to get my hands on his book.”
– Krystal Wu, Roaring Fork High School teacher

“Aspen High School has been privileged to work with Aspen Words for many years. We have particularly benefited from the Writers in the Schools program. World famous authors come to our classrooms and discuss their work, their individual writing processes, and how they came to be writers; in addition, some writers have also led writing workshops. By giving our students an opportunity to have authentic and meaningful experiences with these authors, AW helps us create a community of readers and writers. We love this addition to our curriculum and look forward to welcoming more authors into our classrooms.”
– Sarah Strassburger, Aspen High School teacher 

“Students in middle school either love or hate poetry. These poets work magic! Students leave the workshops and assembly feeling more positively about poetry because they discover that there is no right or wrong way to write poems. As a language arts teacher, it is always nice to have another voice/style teaching kids about poetry.” 
– Brittany Bergin-Foss, Carbondale Middle School teacher

“Ann Patchett’s visit to the classroom inspired me because she is doing what she is passionate about.  As a musician, I often find the thought daunting that most cannot make a living by making music alone, but Ann made me want to continue pursuing my art even if it never brings me fame or fortune. Most of all, she reminded me that the pleasure in life is in ‘the doing’ rather than the rewards you might reap from the final product.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to meet a woman who reached out to my class as a writer, an artist and as a human being.”
– Dayle Dunan , Basalt High School student