The Top 5 Reasons to Take an Aspen Summer Words Writing Workshop This Year

1. Find your literary community
Writing is a lonely pursuit. Summer Words is an opportunity to be with other writers, to commiserate, to share the work you have struggled through, and to find your next trusted writing friend and reader. One of our 2014 students said it perfectly: “This is the huge gift of the conference: the chance to remind ourselves that we are not alone with the battles and pleasures of writing, but there are many of us, and in communing we can help each other to keep on and congratulate each other on doing so.”

2. Meet publishing experts
Aspen Summer Words tuition includes meetings with agents and editors from the top agencies and publishing houses. Several past students have landed book deals through meetings at Summer Words (more to come on that in a future blog post). Although there is no guarantee that a match will be made, it is, at the very least, an opportunity to connect with experts on the business side of writing.


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‘Nuff said

4. Learn from award-winning AND accessible faculty
Among this year’s instructors are Pushcart Prize winners, a former Guggenheim fellow, a Pulitzer Prize winner and several New York Times-bestselling authors. Summer Words is an opportunity to learn from famous writers, but in a supportive and collaborative community. A 2014 student described this interplay: “Often there is a distinct divide between participants and the ‘real’ authors, and I did not feel that at Aspen at all.”

5. Take a leap of faith
As the wise and soulful memoir instructor Dani Shapiro says on her blog, “life is made up of small, seismic shifts” and there is no time like the present to “face into the wind.”

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