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Where are the finalists now?

By Jamie Kravitz, Program Manager

In 2011 and 2012, Aspen Words partnered with Esquire magazine to hold a short short fiction contest. Upwards of 5,000 writers from across the country submitted flash fiction of no more than 79-words, and we chose the top 10 to travel to New York and read their work at a fabulous party in an iconic location. But this fall we got to wondering…where are those writers now?

We found out that there were FIVE new books birthed between 2011 and now, among numerous short stories published in journals from McSweeney’s to Tin House, and even one Pushcart Prize nomination.

Here are five writers and books to check out now:


Adrienne Celt (2011 Finalist)
The Daughters
Published in August 2015 by WW Norton


CJ Hauser (2011 Finalist)
The From-Aways
Published in May 2014 by William Morrow


Robert Redick (2011 Finalist)
The Night of the Swarm
Published in February 2013 by Viking Penguin Random House


Sheila Redling (2011 Finalist)
Published in June 2012 by Amazon Publishing


Casey Walker 
(2012 Finalist)
Last Days in Shanghai
Published in December 2014 by Counterpoint



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