One of America’s most esteemed post-war writers, James Salter opened the 2014 Winter Words season in one of his final public appearances before his death in June 2015. The Aspen Times wrote about Salter’s history with Aspen Words, and his work in helping to resuscitate AW in the late 90’s.

James Salter grew up in New York City and was a career officer and Air Force pilot until his mid-thirties, when the success of his first novel, The Hunters (1957), led to a fulltime writing career. Salter’s potent, lyrical prose has earned him acclaim from critics, readers, and fellow novelists. His novel, A Sport and a Pastime (1967), was hailed by the New York Times as “nearly perfect as any American fiction.” His last book, All That Is, was published to critical acclaim in 2013. He lives in New York.

Aspen Public Radio interviewed Salter on First Draft, a program that highlights the voices of writers as they discuss their work, their craft and the literary arts.